"Please BEAR with me!"


Bear H

Bear H is a Half Bear-Half Human hybrid of Triple H and a Grizzly. He has been part of ShadowSwine54 as a reward for winning The ShadowSwine Rumble . After four long months of starring in episodes, he was forced to leave because of budget cuts. 

Bio Edit

Bear H is a Bear/human-like creature who was born to fight. He resembles WWE wrestler Triple H and even has his fighting style. Bear H is a synthetic animal: the result of Hulk Hogan playing god and fusing Nashville's DNA with the DNA from his ex wife's ring finger. He uncontrollably makes odd bear puns when he talks. This is the result of a disorder he has, similar to tourettes syndrome. Bear H is best friends with Bear Michaels

Sample Videos Edit

ShadowSwine54 Has To Fire A Few Characters-005:08

ShadowSwine54 Has To Fire A Few Characters-0

Hulk Hogan Prank Gone Horribly Wrong05:05

Hulk Hogan Prank Gone Horribly Wrong

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