Creepy Cronk is one of the main antagonists of The Hogan Halloween Specials. He, alongside Crazy Clown, worked to undermine Hulk Hogan and his friends in an effort to steal their jewels as part of his Mugger Monster orders. 

Lore Edit

Creepy Cronk began jewel-stealing as a young child when his mother, Claggity Crunk, left her purse on the table and exited the room. Using this opportunity to his advantage, the young Cronk snatched a few jewels that spilled from the purse. He would steal her jewels on a daily basis and soon enough developed an addiction to theft. In Monster High School he became best friends with Crazy Clown and the two shared their interest in crime. After graduating Monster College the two petty thieves joined the Mugger Monsters and became top-class jewel stealers.

As a part time job, Creepy Cronk was also an ex-butler. He was fired and sued after he was caught trying to steal jewels from his master's safe. Soon after the butler incident he was drafted into the marine corps for the Vietnam War. He was excommunicated before he could even finish boot camp because he was caught mugging a fellow trainee.

He continued to steal jewels all throughout his adulthood and into his senior years. It was Halloween 2013 when he was given the order from Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie to steal jewels from Hulk Hogan and friends. 

In the heated conclusion of the Halloween Specials Creepy Cronk was killed by Hulk Hogan with a direct rifle shot to the head. 

Flimography Edit

Hogan Halloween Special Part 1: Willie's Weed- Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown broke into the apartment to steal jewels. Initially, they planned to pillage the house and leave immediatley, but an under-the-influence Willie Nelson interrupted their heist. Taking advantage of his marijuana-influenced state, the muggers exploit Willie into giving them even more jewels than they expected. 

Hogan Halloween Special Part 2: A Friend is Lost- Cronk makes his return in the second part of the specials where he defeats Wolverine, John Cena, and later Hoodie Hogan. After castrating Willie Nelson and Darth Vader, he escapes alongside Crazy Clown and their newest recruit- Feen

Hogan Halloween Special Part 3: New Enemies- After Hulk Hogan and his friends were defeated by Funky Frank and Freaky Fred, Creepy Cronk revealed the master plan of the Mugger Monsters

Hogan Halloween Special Part 4: A Grim Situation- A victim of Hoodie Hogan's rampage, Creepy Cronk was beaten down. He later escaped off-screen during the battle between The Reaper and Hogan. 

Hogan Halloween Special Part 5: Ground Zeroes- Cronk met with Whimsical Whiskers and The Wolfman to discuss their final plot against Hulk Hogan. They broke into the apartment and hid in the basement for the remainder of the month until Halloween. 

Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 1- Using all the chaos as a distraction, Creepy Cronk steals all the household's jewels alongside Crazy Clown

Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2- With the muggers all defeated, Hulk Hogan shoots Creepy Cronk at point-blank range in the skull, ending the devious Cronkite's life.  

Trivia Edit

  • Creepy Cronk can speak with two voices. The voice he used for one single scene in the Halloween Special part 2 was his "mugger voice".
  • Creepy Cronk was asking for his death at the end of the Halloween Special finale because all the allies he worked with were now killed, giving him no reason left to live.
  • Creepy Cronk filed a lawsuit against The Medic due to being mistreated and thrown at the wall during Crazy Clown's injury