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Darth Vader is a major character in the shadowswine universe. Vader made his first appearence in an unpublished ShadowSwine movie: Wrath of Vader.


Early in his day, Vader was a Sith Lord. He fiercly killed all those who stood up to him. One day, while his back was turned, Darth Vader was kidnapped and turned into a doll. After that, he sud  to find hooutdenly gained an attraction to peace and nature, making him a hippie.

There was once a period of time when the shadowswine crew almost split up and ended the Hulk Hogan franchise, but instead, ShadowSwine54 began working on a Hogan movie that would change YouTube history forever: Wrath of Vader! It  is  the year 20XX, and Hulk Hogan has gone missing. In this time, Darth Vader ceases control of the world, but there is a resistance! Willie Nelson, Captain America, and Sin Cara know that Hogan is still alive, so they set out to find him. Sadly, this movie was never published, but it inspired shadowswine to make the franchise of Hulk Hogan videos even better. In the season 2 finale, Darth Vader hosts a tap-dance contest. He develops more of a good guy personality. 


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