Hoodie Hogan is the "awakened form" of Hulk Hogan, a result of his use of The Hogan Cubes. This upgraded Hogan appears in many major episodes and often prevails over his enemies.

There are three known forms of Hoodie Hogan: the regular Hoodie Hogan we see most prominently in battles, the cosmetic Semi-Hoodie Hogan, and the fully upgraded Voodoo Hoodie Hogan.

Lore (Hoodie Hogan) Edit

The Hoodie Hogan transformation occurs when Hulk Hogan touches or uses his will to activate The Hogan Cubes, causing a magical chain reaction to power him up. During this metamorphosis he gains a humanoid body (referred to as "The Host") but retains his Hulk Hogan face, complete with the body tucked into a hoodie and zipped up. Sometimes he will be wearing a leather jacket or vest. The Host has a mind of its own, and has even turned its back on Hulk Hogan when it feels he is not worthy to bear it, most notably in the Hulk Hogan Christmas Special. It is also noted that the Host will run rampant and go berserk if Hulk Hogan is removed from the body forcefully.

In this form, Hulk Hogan is granted an immense power boost of roughly 5 times his normal strength, rivaling that of enemies like The Wolfman and Stone Cold. When he can't completely overpower a foe, Hoodie Hogan relies on tricks such as the "lysol-can spray".

Hulk Hogan can only assume his Hoodie form for a limited time. The Host will vanish after Hulk Hogan exhausts too much energy, and it will even regurgitate him if Hoodie Hogan receives a great amount of damage or gets shocked by something sudden and loud.

Voodoo Hoodie Hogan Edit


Voodoo Hoodie Hogan voodooing The Wolfman

The Voodoo form of Hoodie Hogan can be achieved when Hoodie Hogan puts the Voodoo Heart around his neck, temporarily killing him and reviving him as a much stronger being. When in this form, Hoodie Hogan is 10 times as powerful as Hulk Hogan's base form, giving him twice the power of the previous hoodie stage.

The first use of this form was in Part 2 of the Halloween Specials, when Hulk Hogan had to resort to using voodoo in order to overcome the Mugger Monsters.

While this form is immensely powerful, it isn't invulnerable, as a sneak attack from Feen incapacitated Voodoo Hoodie Hogan twice. Despite this, Voodoo Hoodie Hogan can defeat almost the entire roster in a fair environment. 

Hogan Halloween Special part 2 VooDoo returns; a friend is lost09:57

Hogan Halloween Special part 2 VooDoo returns; a friend is lost

Semi-Hoodie HoganEdit

Hoodie Hogan

Semi-Hoodie Hogan Reviewing the SupaBoy

Semi-Hoodie Hogan appears to be Hulk Hogan wearing a hoodie with unusually long human arms. Unlike the other forms of Hoodie Hogan, this one has no humanoid legs and doesn't require contact with The Hogan Cubes to transform. He is also just as powerful as Hulk Hogan's regular self. Semi-Hoodie Hogan wore a Harley Davidson jacket in Hulk Hogan's Ego.

Hulk Hogan is not the only character to assume the semi-hoodie form. Since it is merely a recurring gag, other characters are known to sport the Harley Davidson jacket and wreak havoc as well. For example, The Rock demonstrated this gag in the second episode of The Cena and The Rock Show when he heavily punished CM Punk and Mario.

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