Hoodie Macho is the awakened form of Macho Man after he comes into contact with the Macho Fruit or Hoodievolves through other means.

Similar to Hoodie Hogan, Macho Man is granted a Host to control and an immense power boost after assuming this form.

Lore Edit

When Macho Man makes contact with the Macho Fruit (which is usually delivered by Shadow The Hedgehog), he undergoes a metamorphosis identical to that of his former tag-team partner Hulk Hogan. This hoodievolution became known as "Hoodie Macho", and as the name suggests, he takes the form of a humanoid body sporting a hoodie or jacket of some sort.

The Hoodie Macho form can also be assumed through other methods of Hoodievolution. For example, Macho Man was able to enter his hoodie form after fusing with the unmanned host of Hoodie Hogan after the hulkster was ejected in Hogan Halloween Horror Part 1: A Vile Vendetta.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Though Macho Man often prefers to stay out of action, his hoodie power boost renders him the most powerful hero in the ShadowSwine54 universe.

In addition to his highly destructive attacks, Hoodie Macho possesses a near endless amount of stamina, allowing him to wreak havoc to no avail.

  • Unparalleled Strength- Hoodie Macho was able to send Mr. Bogardt tumbling with one powerful swing, a feat that which not even Hoodie Hogan could accomplish.
  • Elbow Drop- A highly destructive wrestling technique in which Macho Man leaps off of a high surface and smashes his elbow into the enemy.

Filmography Edit

Macho Man LIVES?- Macho Man assumes his hoodie form after being nearly defeated by John Cena. After hoodievolving, he proceeds to bring massive destruction to the household until he nearly kills The Rock and Cena.

Hogan Halloween Horror Part 1: A Vile Vendetta- Hoodie Macho is brought out to battle Mr. Bogardt after Hoodie Hogan falls. He proceeds to intensely battle with Bogardt but later tricks the monster into locking himself into the basement.

Trivia Edit

  • In Hoodie Macho's debut ('Macho Man LIVES?') he quotes "It's me, Macho Hoodie, I mean, Hoodie Macho, Jack!", a recurring gag during hoodievolutions.