"Y'all be riding rhymes we ship you real fast like a bus"


John Cena

John Cena is a supporting character in the shadowswine franchise. He likes to rap, and often spits random lyrics at inconvienient moments. John Cena, although appearing in numerous Hulk Hogan episodes, belongs to the Second Wing of ShadowSwine as part of the active roster.

Bio Edit

John Cena has much pride in his rapping ability, and shows off by talking like a hoodlum (having a fake rapper accent, saying "yo", etc.). He sometimes lets Hulk Hogan crash at his house. Cena has appeared in many videos, but most were cancelled or deleted. In his (deleted) debut episode, Cena rapped out all his haters with Hulk Hogan. Then, he was given much more chances in videos, but all were cancelled. Finally, he got his spotlight in 'Hogan In Cena's Apartment', where Hulk Hogan crashes at his apartment. He now is a main character often seen hanging out with The Rock in Second Wing

John Cena is an exceptional fighter, and he tries his best to reduce levels of violence in the household. He uses a variety of kicks and punches to defeat his enemies. However, when squared up against characters with supernatural abilities such as Hoodie Hogan or Creepy Cronk, he is eaily overpowered. 

Quotes Edit

"Y'all be riding rhymes we ship you real fast like a bus"- HHSP2 Rap Battle

"No! All my In-Style Woman's magazines!"- Hogan in Cena's Apartment

"It's me, ya boy, John Cena"- CM Punk joins ShadowSwine

"EEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!"- Cena as he falls from the ceiling in Hulk Hogan prank gone wrong

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