Joshachu is a variant of the electric mouse Pokemon Pikachu and the general manager of ShadowSwine54


During the Universe Collision incident, Joshachu snuck his way into The Apartment through The Coke a Cola Time Machine. He later convinced Willie Nelson and Wolverine that he was Hulk Hogan, much to the real Hulk Hogan's dismay. An off-screen fight broke out between the two and Joshachu was presumably hired as a character after the bout. 

Joshachu has been fired during the first official budget cut in ShadowSwine54 has To Fire a Few Characters, but he made a return in Hulk Hogan Rants on the New Star Wars, this time as the new general manager of ShadowSwine.

Trivia Edit

  • A recurring gag as of 2016 features one of the ShadowSwine crew members asking Joshachu "Aren't you fired?" whenever he makes an appearance. 
  • Joshachu is based on staff member Hermit.

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