'Macho Man LIVES?' is an episode of ShadowSwine54's Second Wing.

Plot Edit

As usual, The Rock and John Cena go about their day slacking off and eating. This non-productive day is interrupted by a phone call from Hulk Hogan, who accuses the two of not working and states that he will send someone to make sure they do their jobs. The Rock protests his loss of "vacation time" but is stifled at the arrival of a new guest. 

Enter Macho Man Randy Savage: a rude and imposing freeloader who drops his luggage and demands food. To quell his hunger, The Rock brings him his world famous family porridge, but is met with a silent stare. Macho Man proceeds to brutally stab The Rock while Cena watches in shock. 

Macho Man takes the sausage that The Rock prepeared and tosses it into a blender alongside water and bread. Dubbing it "Slim Juice", Macho Man pours and drinks his new concoction, much to the disgust of Cena. Randy Savage then begins to enforce his authority over the household, but a still-alive Rock tackles him into a wall. The two proceed to brawl. 

Macho Man defeats the Rock and Cena temprarily, but the two unleash a team-attack on the imposer. Still, Macho Man emerges unharmed. After the Rock is beaten into the floor with a destructive elbow drop, Cena 

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