Mr. Black is a cameraman in the ShadowSwine54 series known for his role as the temporary hero of ShadowSwine Filming Goes Horribly Wrong, before being incapacitated by Hoodie Hogan.


Mr. Black is a young cameraman of African-American descent. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and applied to be a cameraman of ShadowSwine54 following his college graduation.

Mr. Black is an excellent filmer, but he often intrudes on the characters and records them in their personal life. Such is the case in ShadowSwine Filming Goes Horribly Wrong, where Mr. Black was brutally punished by Hoodie Hogan after he refused to leave his room.

He continues to film to this day, but is not as outspoken. Occasionally, after a humorous moment is performed, Mr. Black can be heard breaking his silence and maniacally laughing. 

Quotes Edit

"I'm being PAAAAYYD for dis dawg!"

"Yo man Hulk Hogan what you gonna do now?"

"Nah man you don't tell me nothin'"

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