The Mugger Monsters are the main antagonists of The Hogan Halloween Specials. Although there are countless Mugger Monsters, The two main ones are Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown. They are led by Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Command Edit

The head of the entire Mugger Monster squad is Lord Boogie Oogie Oogie. He established it in hopes of making eveyone's lives miserable on Halloween. All Classes obey any command he gives, and will die for him. 

Hired Scythe Edit

There is only one Mugger Monster who's only job is to kill, and that is The Reaper. He often comes in as a last resort when every other mugger is down, and is called in by Boogie Oogie Oogie himself.

Elite Squadron Edit


Crazy Clown


Creepy Cronk

The only two existing "elite" muggers are Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown. They often pair with "higher class" or "middle class" muggers. The main objective of these mugger monsters are to steal jewels from unsuspecting victims. Those who live in the apartment are rich with jewels, making them easy targets, thus being pursued every year. 

Higher Class Edit

Higher Class muggers are highly skilled and trained with brutal tactics, making them more formidable and powerful than the elite muggers. However, what they have in brawn is lacking in brains. In other words, they can be clever at times and downright stupid other times. Two well known muggers are Whimsical Whiskers and The Wolfman. They side with the elite muggers in their battles against Hulk Hogan & friends. 

Middle Class Edit

Middle Class muggers are the ones most commonly dispatched on missions. They are skilled in stealing without suspection, but are mainly ordered for combat purposes. Freaky Fred and Funky Frank were two iconic Middle Class muggers. 

Mini Muggers Edit

"Mini Muggers" is the non-offensive way to say "Lower Class." These muggers are short in size, and are used as scouts or traps, always to Boogie Oogie Oogie's benefit. Other than that, they are quite useless. Screamy Sam is an example of a Mini Mugger, who tried to jumpscare Hoodie Hogan but was turned over in his coffin and suffocated to death. 
Screamy Sam

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