"You're harvesting weapons of mass destruction!"

NWO Hogan is the main antagonist in the upcoming Hulk Hogan Movie  "Secret of The Hogan Cubes" . He is from another dimension, just like Willie Nelson and Wolverine. NWO Hogan traveled with his alien partner leroy to prevent Hulk Hogan from gaining access to The Hogan Cubes

Bio Edit

NWO Hogan is basically a more powerful Hulk Hogan from another dimension. He knows that the hogan cubes can transform anyone who bears the identity of Hulk Hogan into the monstrous Hoodie Hogan. With this knowledge, he sets out to revise history so that he may be the one to recieve them first. Prequel Of The Hogan Cubes ends in a deadlock, with his plans being thwarted and Sonic keeping the cubes.

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