Psycho Jim is a psychotic freak that escaped from the local insane asylum. He broke into Hulk Hogan's apartment and currently resides inside his closet.

Lore Edit

An ex-mugger monster, Psycho Jim was arrested on the night of 12/23/96, when he was caught mugging an elderly lady. Since he is mentally deranged, he was innocent due to insanity and relocated to an asylum. Upon reading in a newspaper that all Mugger Monsters were found dead by none other than Hulk Hogan, he broke out of the asylum seeking to avenge his fallen muggers.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Jim possesses an extreme amount of fighting power. He may possibly be the most powerful Mugger Monster if not one of the strongest.

  • Combat Skill- Psycho Jim has demonstrated exceptional skill in fighting. He excels in hand-to-hand combat as well as acrobatic techniques.
  • Superhuman Strength- Jim is able to hit his enemies at bone-breaking force and wield heavy objects such as pianos as if they were a weapon.
  • Ceaseless Durability- Psycho Jim has demonstrated durability that far exceeds other fighters. He has even immediately stood up after taking a high risk Stone Cold stunner.

Notable AppearancesEdit

Psycho Jim VS Stone Cold- Jim's escape from the asylum made headlines, which Hulk Hogan read before disregarding the unsettling news and going to sleep. Stone Cold, however, was still awake in time to hear Psycho Jim knocking on the door of the apartment. Upon entering the residence, Psycho Jim immediately attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin, resulting in a brutal brawl. Willie Nelson called the police, but Jim hid in a closet and Stone Cold was too fatigued to pursue him. 


  • The mask used for Psycho Jim is the same mask of mugger monster Funky Frank. In his case, it is turned inside out.