Psycho Jim VS Stone Cold is an episode in the Hulk Hogan Adventures series, featuring a new adition to the roster of ShadowSwine Villians, Psycho Jim


The episode starts off with Hulk Hogan checking the news on his tablet. After reading to his friends that a psychotic goon is on the loose, the three shrug it off and go to sleep. Stone Cold happens to be staying up late watching static on the television when he hears a knock on the door. He gets ambushed by the recently-escaped Psycho Jim, and the two fight for the majority of the episode. Willie Nelson winds up callilng the police, who arrest Hulk Hogan as Psycho Jim runs to a closet and hides in it. 


Psycho Jim VS Stone Cold received high critical reception and praise for the introduction of Psycho Jim. It was described as "the most hardcore episode yet" due to the use of high-risk combat.