Santa is a recurring character in the ShadowSwine Christmas specials, known widely for his role in The Worst Gift Ever. He exclusively appears in Christmas-related episodes.


Santa Claus (also known as Father Christmas or just simply Santa) is the mascot of the Christmas holiday. In tradition, he is known for bringing gifts to well-behaved children and coal to those who don't behave very well. He is often depicted as a jolly old man in red clothing with a white beard. Santa has become the subject of much Christmas-related merchandise, stories, and filmography. In the ShadowSwine universe, however, Santa has a much darker existence.


Due to the brain damaging injuries he recieved in The Wrath of Stone Cold as well as continued misbehavior in the majority of children, Santa became spiteful and deranged, leading to his departure from the North Pole. He now wanders the world as a cannibalistic vagabond, kidnapping and devouring children who he deems "naughty". Every Christmas Eve he intrudes houses in search of fresh dead bodies (which he refers to as "Christmas Corpses") to violently eat.

Santa resides in the garage located next to The Apartment. He feeds off of rats and insects until he can emerge for Christmas time. 


The Wrath of Stone Cold: During this time, Santa was still sane. He attempted to deliver gifts to Hulk Hogan but was ruthlessly attacked by Sonic with an oriental stool. This and many other injuries he sustained that night gave him permanent brain damage that transformed the jolly saint into a bloodthirsty monster.

Ground Zeroes: Santa was spotted hiding in the shed that Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown told the two new muggers to rendezvous at. From there it was revealed the shed is where he hides until every Christmas season.

The Worst Gift Ever: Santa stumbled upon Hulk Hogan's household, which was currently under attack by Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge. Upon spotting Willie Nelson's incapacitated body, he gave into his cannibalistic urges and feasted upon Willie while he was still alive. Santa then defeated the haunted NES game and used his magic to restore the ruined household as well as give a few gifts. 

Trivia Edit

  • When Santa spotted Willie Nelson's incapacitated body, he remarked "They're not cookies but they'll have to do". This was his sarcastic way of making his cannabilistic preferences known, as Santa lost his craving for cookies 2 Christmas Eves ago. 
  • Santa, although he can literally make anything happen, prefers to hunt for Christmas Corpses. If he were to get his own through Christmas Magic, he would consider it cheating.
  • According to an exclusive interview, Santa's favorite meal is a human corpse. He dislikes any non-human meat.