ShadowSwine 54 is a YouTube web series consisting of a mix of "puppet shows" and live-action wrestling. The show began serialization in September 2012 and has since then continued to air regularly through unscheduled uploads. The ShadowSwine series consists of two main stories, or "wings", alongside various sub-stories and arcs.

Hulk Hogan Adventures Edit

Hulk Hogan Adventures, alternatively referred to as the "primary wing", is the main story in the ShadowSwine series. It follows Hulk Hogan and his allies as they defend themselves and each other from hostile enemies, in an effort to find the identity of the mysterious Shooter who attempted to assassinate Hulk Hogan in the first episode: Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle. In addition to this, Hulk Hogan struggles to defeat his alternate-universe self, NWO Hogan, who is on a mission to prevent him from unlocking the power of The Hogan Cubes

Second Wing Edit

Second Wing is the secondary story in the series. It follows characters like John Cena, The Rock, and Popeye, and is uploaded far less consistently. Episodes that are produced in the Second Wing studio are considered to be Second Wing episodes.