"I am Sin Cara, and I forgot to wear my mask today, but that is fine."

Sin Cara is a minor/major character in the hulk hogan series. He happens to "botch", or mess up a lot, leading to most of his injuries.

Bio Edit

Sin Cara battles with his "botch attacks", hurting both his opponent and himself. In addition to this senseless thrashing, Sin Cara can smack his opponents at shattering force. Sometimes he will hurl himself high into the air at his enemies as a last resort, severely injuring himself in the process.

Although of Mexican descent, Sin Cara speaks poor Spanish. He is one of the tallest characters, and is also quite unintelligent, making characters like Hulk Hogan seem smart. He appears to have the mindset of a small child, often rushing into things without thinking of consequences.

Sin Cara likes to drink, but usually winds up drunk and hostile soon after. He sometimes wears green headphones and listens to hardcore Spanish hip-hop. 

His first appearence was in Hulk Hogan Adventures episode 2: Hulk Hogan meets Sin Cara Again, where he was played by a young Volty wearing a Sin Cara mask. He did not truly appear as a doll until the second movie, Universe Collision


Sin Cara being played by a young Volty

Trivia Edit

  • Sin Cara is portrayed as Glen from the Seed of Chucky movie because it is theorized (and joked about) that he has an ugly face without his mask.


"No!!! No es look at me! I es ugly!"- Unpublished Video

"I am Sin Cara, and I forgot to wear my mask today, but that is fine."

"Beast? I guess now I am going to have to hit you with a...Botch attack!!!"

"I put your head in boiling water....ehhhhhh"

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