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The Coke A Cola Time Machine

The Coke a Cola time machine is a device that Hulk Hogan made out of, well, recycled coke a cola cans! Though its use was intended to be for time travel, the machine turned out as a gateway to other dimensions. 

Prequel of the Hogan Cubes Edit

In Prequel of the Hogan Cubes, the Coke a Cola time machine was still in development, but the production progressed enough so that NWO Hogan and Leroy could finally invade Hulk Hogan's dimension and get ahold of The Hogan Cubes. NWO Hogan exfiltrated by using the time machine off screen, and continues to invade his dimension in background appearences throughout much of the series, scouting Hulk Hogan and his friends out. 

Universe Collision Edit

In Universe Collision, production of the time machine has finished, and Hulk Hogan was ready to test it out so he can go back in time and fix his career. Once again, however, it malfunctioned, bringing over Wolverine and possibly other goons such as Darth Vader and Wario in the process.

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