"Severed vertebrae, we gotta get him out of here!"

The Medic is a character from The Hogan Halloween Special Finale Part 2.

Lore Edit

The Medic is a highly skilled medic who graduated from Harvard University's medical study course with a Master's degree in the medical field. He began working as a medic at the ShadowSwine studio due to the high risk of injury there. He made his appearance in the Hogan Halloween Special Finale: Part 2 when Crazy Clown got injured off script, and he rushed him out of the combat zone. 


The Medic's medical skill is unparalleled. He has saved many lives in his career, including that of Crazy Clown's. He also demonstrates an exceptional amount of strength considering he casually flung Creepy Cronk: one of the more powerful Mugger Monsters. 

Trivia Edit

  • The hoodie used for The Medic is the same hoodie that was used for Hoodie Hogan toward the end of the video.