The Reaper (referred to as simply "Reaper" on occasion) is an ex-Mugger Monster mercenary and a powerful adversary to Hulk Hogan and the rest of the household. 


Cletus O'Donnel was once a quick-learning and enthusiastic disciple of Hillbilly Jim. That is, until he became too proficient in the art of voodoo and betrayed his own master in order to test his full power. Jim defeated his rogue pupil with ease, but couldn't forgive himself for killing Cletus. He infused the mutilated corpse with reincarnation voodoo. The result of this strife was the birth of who we now call the Reaper.

For years Reaper wandered the world looking for a shelter that would harbor the monster that he became. The Mugger Monsters soon came into Reaper's life and hired him as a trump-card mercenary. With the fall of the Muggers, however, Reaper was once again left a vagabond.

Now he keeps tabs on the ShadowSwine Crew and awaits his next opportunity to exact revenge upon Hulk Hogan for dismantling his mugger guild.

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Immortality-
  • Voodoo-