The Shooter is a primary antagonist in the series whose goal is to assassinate Hulk Hogan for a purpose unknown.


Not much is known yet about The Shooter and his mysterious ways. His only clear goal is to make sure Hulk Hogan drops dead by any means necessary. The Shooter possesses the assumed ability to vanish into thin air at the cost of leaving all clothes/possessions behind. This ability seems to be a last resort, as the Shooter's only documented use of it is when he is about to be unmasked. Where he warps to is unknown. 

Lore Edit

The Shooter is an assassin who has been hired by many in the past to kill those whom his client demands. Many have tried to identify this strange man. but almost all have been killed in the process. Until then, he remains a mystery.

Filmography Edit

Hulk Hogan Meets Hornswoggle: The Shooter made his off-screen debut when he attempted to assassinate Hulk Hogan. The bullet successfully struck the Hulkster, but he survived, rendering the assassination a failure.

Who Shot Hulk Hogan?: The Shooter was caught spying on the crew as they investigated the mysterious assassination attempt. He proceeded to battle Hoodie Hogan and vanished when his mask was removed.

Return of The Shooter: The shooter attempted to kill some of Hulk Hogan's friends to lure him out, leading to the two engaging in battle. Hoodie Hogan was incapacitated, but the Shooter's gun lost all of its ammo. This unforeseen circumstance caused the fight to end in a deadlock. The Shooter walked away, never to be seen for a while.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shooter's 2016 redesign was inspired from the Ubisoft video game Watch_Dogs.
  • The Shooter's theme song is "Only a Chilling Elegy", part of the DragonBall Z Kai ost. 
  • According to an exclusive interview, The Shooter's favorite meal is clam chowder. He dislikes raw eggs.