"I wonder if I have any kids..."
The Wolfman is a major character in the ShadowSwine54 series. He attacks Hulk Hogan and his friends at often inconveniant moments. 

Lore Edit

It is unknown where exactly he came from, but the Wolfman found his way to the ShadowSwine crew's house and marked it as a spot to ransack. He has continued to terrorize the crew since. Unlike other wolfmen who emerge on full-moon nights only, this wolfman rises at completely random times, each in which he has a craving to kill Hulk Hogan. He fights using sharp claws and teeth to shred his prey to pieces. The Wolfman works at a Target in order to make money for his children he is not sure he even has.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Being a half-animal, the Wolfman is a ruthless beast with overwhelming strength to match his attitude. 

  • Beast Claws- Though often seen with human hands, the Wolfman can utilize sharp claws to rend the flesh of his opponents. He used his beast claws first in Fans DISTURB Hulk Hogan?

Notable EpisodesEdit

  • The Tap Dancing Contest- After Hulk Hogan thought he had finally won the contest, Darth Vader announces the winner was "The Wolfman". Hogan turns around to meet The Wolfman staring at him, who then viciously mauls Hogan out of revenge, shaping their continuous rivalry. This was the Wolfman's first appearance on screen, but not in the timeline.
  • The Rise of The Alliance- In the events of The Rise of The Alliance, The Wolfman formed a partnership with Stone Cold. The two savages attacked Hulk Hogan and then wound up having a fight of their own after Stone Cold told The Wolfman to cease his unnecesary brutality. After making up, both were baeten by Voodoo Hoodie Hogan.

The Wolfman equipped with his gun as a Mugger Monster

Trivia Edit

  • The idea of The Wolfman came from the "Freak Deer" from Adventure Time.
  • Statistically, The Wolfman's signature move, The Superman Punch, is more well-recieved than that of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns' move of the same name.
  • The Wolfman uses the same exact gun as The Shooter. It is speculated that Shooter stashes the gun somewhere in the household and The Wolfman managed to get his hands on it for the Halloween Specials.