"I'm your conscience, I know what's best"

Whimsical Whiskers was one of the main antagonists of The Hogan Halloween Specials, appearing in part 4 and the Finale part 1 before he met his doom by the hand of Stone Cold.

Bio Edit

Whimsical Whiskers was a mugger monster who made his first appearance in Whimsical Whiskers' Early Debut by sneaking into The Apartment and convincing Stone Cold he was part of his conscience, which resulted in a fight that bought enough time for other muggers to infiltrate and steal the ShadowSwine Crew's goods. He then "high tailed" it out of there and made his next appearance in Hogan Halloween Special Part 4: Ground Zeroes, where he and the newly recruited mugger Wolfman busted Creepy Cronk and Crazy Clown out of the shack they hibernated in, through tactical infiltration action. In the Finale part 1 he was killed by a high-impact stunner by none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Trivia Edit

  • The idea of Whimsical Whiskers came as a play on the whole "cat burglar" persona, making him a literal cat burglar.

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