"Hey watchya doin over there, kids?"

Willie Nelson is the deuteragonist of the ShadowSwine series, often giving Hulk Hogan helpful advice and assisting the crew in fights when he deems it necessary.

Lore Edit

Before his ShadowSwine days, Willie Nelson was a famous country music singer. His life went downhill ever since he was caught smoking weed in the White House, and he was forced to abandon his previous life and move near the also-exiled Hulk Hogan.

Willie Nelson made his first appearance in Universe Collision, when he came into Hulk Hogan's apartment after hearing ruckus caused by Wolverine fighting Hogan. Though it seemed Wolverine killed him and his corpse was stuffed away, Willie came back for later episodes, a recurring gag in the ShadowSwine series.

In Hogan Halloween Special Part 2, he was castrated by Crazy Clown and has not fully recovered since then.

Trivia Edit

  • Willie's personality was intended to be pedophilic, but this was scrapped.
  • The doll used for Willie Nelson is in the poorest shape of all props, being held together by literally duct tape that lost its stickiness and a sock. There was even a sighting of a small fly in his beard.
    • As of June 2018, the Willie Nelson doll has been refurbished.